+39 391 332 1189 info@lamacchinafissa.com

Our Address

Via Macchina Fissa 107
46034 Borgo Virgilio, MN

Please note the mailing address is different.
If you want to send us a letter use this address instead: Via Virgiliana 65 Borgo Virgilio, 46034 Mantova, Italy


Getting Here: Step by Step Directions

La Macchina Fissa is located in Borgo Virgilio, the birth town of the Roman poet Virgil. It is a twenty-minute drive south of Mantua. Guests arriving from outside Italy can fly to Verona’s “Valerio Catullo” airport (VRN) or to the airports of Venice “Marco Polo” (VCE) Treviso “Sant’Angelo” (TSF) Bologna “Guglielmo Marconi” (BLQ) all less than a two-hour journey to Mantua.

Are you near Mantova or Mantua?

It’s the same city and same name of the province. It is abbreviated MN. Mantova is Italian, Mantua is English.
Are you in Borgo Virgilio or Bagnolo San Vito?

La Macchina Fissa is technically in the town of Borgo Virgilio, but you have to drive through Bagnolo San Vito to get to us.

The house is located along the River Mincio.


WARNING! Do not try to get to us by following the grassy/muddy lane by our mailbox.

It will become a muddly trail almost impossible to get through without a tractor or tow truck, Many times people have followed their sat nav systems into a swamp. Please do not try to arrive to La Macchina Fissa by using the lane to the left of our mail box in Via Virgiliana. Go into Bagnolo San Vito and all the way through the town, following your phone or cars computer to Via Ploner, 1 Bagnolo San Vito (MN). From there (less than 1 km. from La Macchina Fissa) you should call Clark +39 391 332 1189 or Cecilia +39 349 6789 436 for directions or, if you feel like getting here without any hand-holding or help, go up onto the bank of the river, turn left, then after 92 meters, when the road divides, keep to the right, with the river to your right, go slow (very bumpy road), and take the next gravel lane that goes down on the left, (about six hundred meters after the point where the road divided) . Welcome.  Pull the String to Ring the Bell if the gate is closed.

Cost Estimates

Budget travellers: Beware of the fast trains! Many new high-speed options are great if you’re in a hurry, but avoidable for travellers who don’t mind arriving an hour or two later and saving 25 euro or more. The website for Italian trains is www.trenitalia.com – the tiny “english” option is hiding up there in the top right corner.

Trains from Verona to Mantua: The regional train which runs every hour (6:30 am to 9:30 pm) from Verona’s “Porta Nuova” main station to Mantua takes 46 minutes, and, as of January 2013, costs 3.30 euro. Bologna to Verona: Regional trains take 90 minutes and cost 8.90 euro, while the “frecciargento” (silver arrow) zips you to Verona in 50 minutes, but costs 23 euro for a second class ticket.