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Courses at La Macchina Fissa

La Macchina Fissa is often used as a location for Gardening, Language, Music, Painting, Photography, Theatre, Writing, and Yoga courses. Up to twelve students and two instructors can stay here and make the most of the indoor and outdoor spaces.

How does it work? Teachers bring their students for any length of time, two days to two weeks. If instructors bring five students or more, they can stay for free. Students pay 55 euro per day, like all guests, to cover the cost of all food and accommodation, and instructors charge whatever they want on top of that as a daily fee for the lessons. 

  • Phillip McKenzie has been bringing young actors from the UK to Reading Retreats in Rural Italy for theatre workshop classes for over ten years. Their help for our annual Halloween party makes this the scariest place in Italy.
  • Chiara Bardelli, who lives here at La Macchina Fissa and is originally from Verbania (Lago Maggiore), teaches Italian language and Italian cooking to anyone interested at any level. Her website is www.italikurs.info
  • Roland Hey brings his Yoga students to Italy from Germany every year, even through the tricky transition phase between leaving Corte Eremo and finishing La Macchina Fissa! https://yogalotusheart.jimdo.com/