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Get a Feeling for the Association’s
History and Daily Life with these Videos

Starting over at La Macchina Fissa

October 2015. Directed by Myrice Tanzini. Italian.

Juri Zurkan Paintings at Corte Eremo

Autumn 2014. Directed by Matteo Morisi. English.

Moving Books after the first earthquake

May 2012. Silent film.

Cutouts of the Hortus Horrei at Corte Eremo

Summer 2014. Short film by Maeve Clancy. Irish.

Paolo Pejrone and Mezzo Giardiniere

September 2017. Directed by Myrice Tanzini. Italian.

Marina Kapilova at Corte Eremo

July 2015. Directed by Matteo Morisi. English.

Myrice Tansini’s “Green I want you Green”

Summer 2012. Directed by Myrice Tansini. Italian.

Fuga dalla Città, Leonardo TV

April 2011. Directed by Myrice Tansini. Italian.

Live Music

Artem Belogurov plays Chopin at Galeazza

Summer 2011. English.

Olga and Sergei at Corte Eremo

August 2015.

Our Lovely Goats!

Charlie’s First Christmas

December 2011.

Galeazza Goats: Ina’s First Day

February 2012.

Buongiorno dalla Macchina Fissa!

March 2017. Italian.

Takumi and the Goats

March 2017. Japanese 🙂