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Staying Here: What to Expect

La Macchina Fissa is open all year round.

La Macchina Fissa is not a hotel or Bed and Breakfast. It is a private home and seat of the cultural association, Reading Retreats in Rural Italy.

Everyone who visits the garden, attends events, or stays on the property must become a member of the association. The cost of membership is ten euro per year.

The atmosphere is difficult to describe, but guests (over 50% are returning)  feel like they’re visiting friends, but aren’t clients.

Fees for events and Reading Retreats are contributions that cover the costs of the association, which is non-profit.

Staying at La Macchina Fissa costs 55euro per person each day, all meals and drinks included. If there is a concert or cultural event scheduled during your sojourn, it is included in the daily fee.

There are four guest rooms (for a maximum of ten guests). Each room is furnished with antiques and contemporary art.

There are no rooms with private bathrooms.

La Macchina Fissa has a large garden and is located along the Mincio River, in the Parco del Mincio.

Facilities include the library (over 6,000 books), CD collection, hundreds of DVDs and a mini cinema, three pianos, a small fleet of old bicycles, and free parking.

Everyone normally eats lunch and dinner together; Meals are included in the price of a stay – usually traditional Italian food and local wine.

Reservations may be made by e-mail: info@lamacchinafissa.com.

La Macchina Fissa is located on the plains of northeastern Italy, about 20 minutes south of Mantova, 40 minutes North of Modena, and 30 minutes South of Veronaa. From the levee of the river Mincio, (on clear days) there are spectacular views of the Alps to the north.

The entire building at La Macchina Fissa is heated by a large wood-burning furace which heats water for the radiators in every room. The libraries, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms are cozy. There are also two fireplaces and three woodstoves.

Children of any age are allowed to stay at La Macchina Fissa if their parents make reservations before other guests, and then those who want to come during that period are warned there will be children around. If other guests already have rooms reserved, children are not allowed. Families should make reservations early to avoid disappointment.

Pets are not allowed on the property. There are four dwarf goats on the property and two indoor/outdoor cats that are not allowed in guest rooms.