+39 391 332 1189 info@lamacchinafissa.com

Our Address

Via Macchina Fissa 107
46034 Borgo Virgilio, MN

Please note the mailing address is different.
If you want to send us a letter use this address instead: Via Virgiliana 65 Borgo Virgilio, 46034 Mantova, Italy


Getting Here: Step by Step Directions

La Macchina Fissa is only 20 minutes south of Mantova and 10 minutes from the A22 highway that goes from Brennero and the Italian/Austrian border to Modena, just north of Bologna. The exit from the Autostrada for La Macchina Fissa is called Mantova Sud (Mantua South).

After paying the toll, enter the roundabout and take the second right onto SP 413, following signs for Bagnolo San Vito. Go straight through a second roundabout and after 500 meters turn left onto the main street of Bagnolo San Vito. There’s a bright yellow pizzeria and bar at the corner. This tree-lined street is called Via Roma.

Continue for over one kilometre, going over a canal. The street changes name and is now Via Cavour. Pass the school, church, bar, pharmacy… Cross another canal – if it’s daytime you’ll have a great view of the new (1929) pumphouse at the end of the canal to your left, and if it’s a really clear day the Alps will be visible above the water and building. That’s where you should head for – the pumphouse and the river Mincio.

Continue straight for 200 meters, where you will follow a 90° curve into Via Gradaro. Take the first right over a tiny bridge, and turn IMMEDIATELY after the bridge left into Via Ploner. Drive along the canal. There are no guardrails, so be careful. When the road curves around and gets to the pumphouse, you will see big gates, follow the road to the right, up the hill until the paved road ends. Now turn LEFT, so the pumphouse is on your left and the river is on your right.  The road is now gravel and bumpy. La Macchina Fissa is only 600 meters away.  Keep going, and stay to the right when the gravel drive (Via Macchina Fissa) divides. Then take the next ramp down and enter our driveway. Welcome!


DO NOT take the little country lane next to the mailbox where
you see Clark’s name and the words La Macchina Fissa! It becomes smaller
and smaller and ends up on a muddy trail between two canals. Several
cars have gone in and not come out without the help of a tow truck or
tractor, so please don’t try to get to us by using this little lane. Put
Via Ploner 1, Bagnolo San Vito (Mantova) in your sat. nav. system, and
call Clark when you get there. (39) 391 332 1189.